40X-1000X 3W LED Binocular Darkfield Microscope w/Optional Digital Camera

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40X-1000X 3W LED Binocular Darkfield Microscope w/Optional Digital Camera

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The B340-DK-LED binocular compound microscope is designed for educational and professional use. It includes two light condensers for brightfield and darkfield applications, making it appropriate for live and fixed specimens alike. The medium-sized profile offers streamlined ergonomics with plenty of working room. The heavy-duty metal build and enamel coating will last for many years through rigorous use.

To customize the microscope to your viewing comfort, the eyepiece spacing can be easily adjusted using a precision Siedentopf mechanism. A diopter is available on the left ocular tube to compensate for asymmetry, and the ocular tubes are angled at 30° to comfortably accommodate a seated position without neck strain. The head can also be rotated 360° to accommodate multiple users. Various eyepieces can be used to increase the overall optical magnification.

The objective turret provides instant access to 4 magnification levels to easily focus in on minute details from 40X to 1000X. This covers magnifications needed for studying hair follicles, cells, and bacteria. These high-quality lenses are achromatically corrected to improve resolution and color accuracy.

The 2-layer mechanical stage provides smooth and precise movement for examination of specimen slides. The stage’s low-position controls are conveniently placed near the coaxial focus knobs for a streamlined workflow. Examining specimen slides is intuitive and precise for users at any skill level. An adjustable height limit can be set to prevent damage to the lenses and specimens while focusing.

The LED sub-stage lighting provides cool, energy-efficient illumination. The light-source is daylight balanced to produce natural colors for imaging. The Abbe brightfield light condenser has a high 1.25 numerical aperture for oil-immersion, and an iris diaphragm to optimize contrast and depth-of-field. The condenser holder uses rack-and-pinion height adjustment for precision control.

The darkfield condenser allows you to render detail in specimens that would otherwise be transparent. Using principles of light-diffraction to suppress field-illumination, the condenser illuminates edges of cells, microorganisms, and other objects. This is particularly useful for live blood analysis. The condenser is designed for use with non-immersion objective lenses with numerical apertures up to 0.9, with optimal contrast at NA0.7 or lower. An optional oil-immersion darkfield condenser is recommended for the 100X objective.


Optical System Finite-conjugate, DIN standard
Tube Length 160mm
Head Binocular, 30° incline, 360° rotatable
Interpupillary Adjustment sliding, 48-75mm
Ocular Diameter 23mm
Eyepieces 10X
Objective Parfocal Distance 45mm
Objective Mounting Thread RMS 20.32mm
Objective Turret Reversed quadruple
Focusing System Coaxial coarse and fine focus, upper limit-stop, tension-control
Stage Design Double-layer with caliper
Stage Dimensions 110mm x 140mm
X-Y Translation Range 78mm x 40mm
Transmitted Illumination LED
Condenser Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm, NA1.25NA0.7-0.9 dry darkfield condenser with centering knobs
Sub-stage Condenser-holder rack and pinion
Power 100-240VAC 50/60Hz wide-band

Objective Lenses

Magnification Corrections NA Immersion Medium Cover-glass Thickness
4X achromatic 0.10 0.17mm
10X achromatic 0.25 0.17mm
40X achromatic 0.65 0.17mm
100X achromatic 1.25 oil 0.17mm

Packing List:

  • One binocular microscope head
  • One microscope body
  • Four objective lenses: 4X, 10X, 40X and 100X
  • One pair 10X eyepieces
  • One dry darkfield condenser
  • One dust cover
  • One sample immersion oil
  • Two color filters: blue, green
  • Additional information

    Magnification Power

    40X-1000X, 40X-1600X, 40X-2000X, 40X-2500X

    Camera Type

    None Selected, Mini-USB, USB 2.0


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    40X-1000X 3W LED Binocular Darkfield Microscope w/Optional Digital Camera

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