IQCrew by AmScope 40X-1000X Dual Illumination Microscope (Blue) with 2MP Digital Eyepiece, Slide Prep Kit and Book

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IQCrew by AmScope 40X-1000X Dual Illumination Microscope (Blue) with 2MP Digital Eyepiece, Slide Prep Kit and Book


This is a terrific beginner microscope for kids and young adults. With 3 objective lenses, and 2 eyepieces, you can use 5 magnification levels from 40X to 1000X. Even better, the included 2MP digital eyepiece lets you watch everything on your computer! The included software can take photos and record video. You can edit the images using professional tools. The magnification range is ideal for viewing microscopic organisms, like what you might find in water samples from a lake or ocean. It’s also great for looking at crystal structures and metallurgical samples. The top and bottom LED illumination provide light for both translucent and opaque objects. This means you can look at ultra-thin tissue samples, or plant leaves and insects. And since the microscope is battery-powered, you can take it anywhere.

The easy-to-use controls guarantee that anyone can get the hang of using the microscope in no time. The 3-lens turret can switch between the 4X, 10X, and 40X objective lenses by simply rotating. The specimen-stage has two clips to hold a slide or other object in place, while focus is adjusted by turning the large knob on either side of the microscope. A switch on the back will select the top light for opaque objects, or bottom light for translucent ones. An aperture wheel under the stage can be rotated to change the focus of the bottom light, which can increase or decrease the detail in the specimen.

This kit includes 5 prepared slides, as well as a collection of tools for making your own slides. There’s a Petri dish for holding liquid samples, and 5 blank slides and cover slips for mounting thin-section specimens, like tissues. There’s an easy-to-use microtome for slicing specimens, and red and blue stains to improve contrast in highly-translucent specimens. A vial, stirring rod, and pipette will help prepare wet-mount slides. And, of course, there are tweezers to help with the more-delicate subjects. To make things even better, we’ve included the book “The World of the Microscope” as an introduction to microscopy.

Product Features:

  • Easy to use, and great for kids
  • 40X to 1000X magnification range with two eyepieces
  • High-grade glass optics for sharp, clear image
  • Transmitted and reflected lighting for translucent and opaque objects
  • Includes prepared slides
  • Includes blanks slides and tools for preparing your own specimens
  • Includes a Fantastic Book About Microscopes
  • Microscope Specifications



    Magnification Range (optical) 40X to 1000X
    Magnification Range (camera) 4.6mm field-of-view similar to 160X – 800X
    Optical System Finite
    Head Monocular
    Eyepiece Mount 23mm
    Eyepieces 10X, 25X
    Objective Turret Triple
    Objective Lenses 4X, 10X, 40X
    Focusing System Coarse focus
    Stage Single-layer
    Condenser Aperture wheel
    Transmitted Illumination 0.5W LED
    Power Three 1.5V AA batteries

    Camera Specifications

    Resolution 2 megapixel
    Video RecordingMax Framerate 20fps @ 800×600, 7.5fps @ 1280×1024, 5fps @ 1600×1200
    Connectivity USB 2.0
    Compatibility Windows (32/64 bit) XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac OSX, Linux


  • One M50 microscope with 3 objective lenses and 10X eyepiece
  • One 25X eyepiece
  • One USB digital eyepiece camera
  • One USB cable
  • One 23mm to 30mm sizing adapter
  • One 23mm to 30.5mm sizing adapter
  • One Bottle of Eosin
  • One Bottle of Methylene Blue
  • One Tweezers
  • One Swab
  • Five Blank Slides + Cover Slips
  • Five Prepared Slides
  • One Set of ID Stickers
  • One Petri Dish
  • One Pick
  • One Stirring Rod
  • One Vial
  • One Set of Kimwipes
  • One Pipette
  • One Microtome
  • 1 book: The World of the Microscope
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